Funds raised by the Friends have been used to build a new garage at DCH to house the hospital's new Blood Bikes, both of which were donated last year. A Blood Biker is a highly trained motorcyclist who provides a rapid response courier service carrying urgent medical supplies, such as blood, x-rays, samples and drugs between healthcare facilities across the UK. The service is completely free of charge to the NHS as all the riders are unpaid volunteers. Dorset's Blood Bike service is run by the Yeovil Freewheelers, a charity which operates across Somerset (see 

The Blood Bikes provide a vital service to patients and hospitals in Dorset by transferring blood and other medical supplies between locations in emergency situations and having a bse in Dorchester could only be of enormous benefit. So when we were approached by Blood Bikes and told of their hopes of setting up a garage at DCH we were delighted to be able to help.


: 9th Jul 2019 10:49:00