We have 2 Trolleys that go out twice a day on different routes. We always have 2 people on each Trolley. 

NEW Shop

NEW Shop

The Shop is open from 8.30am to 4.00pm.



A big part of being Friends of the Dorset County Hospital is fundraising and this can't be done without our volunteers and you!

Welcome to the Friends of Dorset County Hospital

We were founded in 1956 to provide comfort and help to patients in the old Dorset County Hospital.

Today’s modern hospital is very different, but our volunteers still do what we were set up to do back in 1956. We provide a service to the patients and visitors, visiting the wards twice daily with our trolley and we have a one stop Shop providing those little extras the patients may need. With the profits from these services we are able to provide facilities and equipment that is not always available through NHS funding.



Upcoming Fundraising Events

Gifts to the Hospital


Chronic Pain Clinic Skeleton


Annual Toys for Children's Ward at Christmas


Diabetes Centre Scales & Food Modules


Audiology Upgrading Hearing Assesments

These are just some of the ways in which we have helped in the last few years. Not only do we raise money for high value items we are also here for the smaller but equally important things. This is only a small section of items we have funded. See our Gifts to the Hospital page to see more. Our funds reach a wide range of Departments and we are proud to have been able to provide an average of £50,000 per year over the last few years.

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